INTRODUCING: The 2020 Clean Boater Pledge - Take it NOW!
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Take the Clean Boater Pledge sponsored by Pontoon Girl
Take the Clean Boater Pledge!  In the next 24 hours you'll receive this amazing certificate.   It's going to look great on your wall!  Also, by helping us smash our goal one boater at a time... you'll receive sneak peeks, discounts and more. 
Water. Sun. Friends.
Recycle and keep my waterways free of trash.
Follow no-wake policies.
Practice proper fueling techniques to prevent spills.
Use non-toxic and phosphate free cleaning products.
Prevent the spread of invasive species by following the clean, drain, dry practice on all equipment.
Dispose of fish waste properly.
Use pumpout facilities.
Support our Clean Marinas, Clean Boatyards, and Clean Marine Retailers whenever possible.
Promote clean boating habits.
Encourage other boaters to take the Pontoon Girl Clean Boater Pledge.
Reason #1: Water
Reason #2: Sun
Reason #3: Friends.
Thanks for visiting Pontoon Girl®, I started out on a journey to create a fun little site for women that love entertaining on their boats.  Our mission of "Water. Sun. Friends." speaks to the soul of boating, and water is number one.   When you take the Clean Boater Pledge you are bringing awareness to the important impact you as one boater can have on your footprint.   I was a member of the founding committee for the Minnesota Clean Marina program and now I'm bringing awareness to ALL boaters that they too can make a positive impact.  Super simple changes add up to cleaner waterways and better boating conditions for us all. 

Take the pledge and help us achieve our goal of 10,000 Clean Boaters!
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